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I'm Bridgette. Blogger. Homebody. Tech gal. Wifey. Mom to Liv + Lola. Lover of the beach, sushi, + Orange County. I love to share my experiences in day to day life. I hope you enjoy my hacks, tips and everything in between!

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8 Pregnancy Beauty Products for Your Body

You’re pregnant, congrats! What comes with pregnancy? A growing belly. Now comes the time to Google search every single thing of what you can and can’t use, stressing over what products you need to get rid of, what you need…

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Palm Springs Bachelorette

Looking for a bachelorette location in Southern California? Palm Springs is the perfect bachelorette destination if you’re wanting to have the ultimate girls weekend. The cute town of Palm Springs is just 2 hours away from Los Angeles and a…

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Splurge vs. Save: Wedding Edition

So you just got engaged and are over the moon excited about wedding planning, right? Then you start seeing the cost involved with every little thing and PANIC. Don’t worry, I’ll show you how we planned our amazing wedding all…

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Free Printable Weekly and Daily To-Do List

Alright let’s get this started. There’s nothing worse than buying a planner and realizing you don’t like the layout of it. For the longest time I’ve had this issue. I’m huge on the weekly/daily portion of planners. I use my…

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