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I'm Bridgette. Blogger. Homebody. Tech gal. Wifey. Future human mama. Dog mama. Lover of the beach, sushi, + Orange County.

I love to share my experiences in day to day life. I hope you enjoy my hacks, tips and everything in between!

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Free Printable Weekly and Daily To-Do List

Alright let’s get this started. There’s nothing worse than buying a planner and realizing you don’t like the layout of it. For the longest time I’ve had this issue. I’m huge on the weekly/daily portion of planners. I use my…

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9 Skincare Favorites: Morning Edition

I am a huge skincare junkie and I must say I’ve tried a TON of different products. I’ve compiled a list of all of my favorite products that I use for my morning skincare routine. My skin type is on…

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NuFace Honest Review

Technology and skincare are going hand in hand nowadays. NuFace has devices that use microcurrents to help tone and tighten your face. I’ll give you my honest review on NuFace here. We’ll dig into my first 30 days using the…

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Gold Filled Jewelry and Why You Need It

Gold jewelry is truly timeless. But what kind of gold jewelry should you buy? Gold Filled? Gold Plated? Solid Gold? Well, I’ll tell you. Obviously solid gold jewelry is going to be the top of the top, but you’re going…

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